Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh, Those Lovely Leftovers...

      Meals at our house are not only a necessity, they are a way to inspire and practice creativity.  Because there are five of us that live here, which include a husband, two constantly hungry teenagers and one growing preteen, some days it just seems like there is not enough food in the house.  Granted, there is always more than enough to eat, as the refrigerator is always full of leftovers, but sometimes, the kids just do not want to eat them.  And as much as I love my dogs, I really hate to spoil them with all of that good food if I don't have to. Therefore, I have decided to embark on a journey down "Leftover Lane" in order to not waste food and stretch our food budget even further.
      In this blog I will be sharing ways to create meals with items you might already have in your kitchen. Nothing gourmet here, just simple, homemade deliciousness that anybody with basic cooking skills can handle.  Please remember that all recipes are going to be relative to what you have, so actual measurements may or may not be used.  My grandma, who is a wonderful cook, never uses measurements, she just goes by taste.  I try to follow that rule also.  It just depends on what I am making. So feel free to substitute, experiment with, and adjust any recipe or idea to fit your needs. 

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